Scotch and Options

Its been way too long since my last post, and for that I apologize. I have relocated back to the West Coast since snow and four seasons weather just are not for me. So I have left Philly and am back in the most beautiful city, Monterey. I can see the beach from my shower; not to mention the chef, baker and cook I now live with are making this decision so much easier (think endless supply of bacon and Mischief). I miss the craft beer scene in Philly, but, life calls.

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Sgt. Maggie


John, since you are in Afghanistan and you told me that you read my blog and also because you have a special place in my heart and I love you, I am going to review a few beers for your entertainment. Of course, they are going to be lewd, you sick-sick bastard. And of course I chose only year-round beers so I can always get my hands on them for you when you return to the contiguous 48. So this is for you, and all the other men and women far, far away from Beeradelphia: I hope you enjoy this and know that you are in our hearts.

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Marshmallows and Commitment


My lip keeps getting kind of stuck to my glass. Like when you roast a marshmallow when you are camping and you aren't sure if you should commit to eating just a quarter of the s'more or eat them in kind of pieces or just put the whole thing in your mouth and just not give a fuck about the fact that you are going to be suffocating from over-committing to marshmallow,  but that the chocolate on your face looks like poo and the graham cracker is also kind of stuck to the whole mess that should all be in your mouth because not only are you bad at choosing what things to commit to but at this point its way to damn late. That's why people love s'mores. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about and everybody actually hates s'mores.


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The Ongoing Pursuit of Funk


So, all you craft beer nerds, if  you have not gone out to try a few local and/or craft ciders lately you are cheating yourself.  I knew of most of the brands that were at the festival, however had I tried all of them? Certainly not. However, since I was going to be going to work for the evening shift I only sampled a few, as in three, so I knew I had to make it count. Here's what I tried:

  1. Original Sin Elderberry (which I was pouring samples of for the crowd)
  2. Good Intent Cider
  3. Sarasola
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Just Thursday


My lingerie is drying on the clothes rack that is both painted white and the same yellow as the hardwood floors of this 200 year of house on the main drag of South Philly. And the light is flooding through the ceiling high windows where I have pulled back the crisp silvery-white curtains I got from Marshals. I'm just waiting for it to be time for me to go to work. And this is what I'm thinking about, as the afternoon hours I let slip past my last cup of coffee, lull me into my writers guilt.

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