Just Thursday


My lingerie is drying on the clothes rack that is both painted white and the same yellow as the hardwood floors of this 200 year of house on the main drag of South Philly. And the light is flooding through the ceiling high windows where I have pulled back the crisp silvery-white curtains I got from Marshals. I'm just waiting for it to be time for me to go to work. And this is what I'm thinking about, as the afternoon hours I let slip past my last cup of coffee, lull me into my writers guilt.

Things don't always go the way you plan it to be. That element of surprise is what makes living life and the treasure of humanity the special thing that it is. Because if we all planned everything and it turned out just the way we wanted it to then there would be nothing to look forward to: no bumps in the road and no interruptions on our way to the promised land of our devised, set plan. So its ok. Its ok that not everything goes your way and your plan gets destroyed and another one erected in its place to help you steer your life in the manor which your conscious tells you is the way to go. Unless your not paying attention to your life and you don't plan anything. If you are one of those people you probably drive people like me crazy. Mostly because its you non-life-planners out there who ruin the life-planners' plans and that is also why we all need each other so much. Because life-planning people don't really want it all to be perfect because that's just boring and you non-life-planners need a little bit of direction sometimes so you don't accidentally walk off into the ocean and not realize that you need oxygen to breathe and that cant be done under the sea. 

So its all going to be ok. I'm being lazy in my room on this day where I'm trying to plan things out and wondering when my hangover is going to stop being lame and go hang out with someone else. I microwaved the other half of the plate of "The appetizer formerly known as" from The Sidecar from last night where I once again arrived too late to get a glass of Goose Islands' Bourbon County Cherry Rye Stout which was on tap last night, and the previous night at Strangeloves. So that was a huge fail. Well, except the crab-fries-and-spicy-sauce which I put a fried egg on top of. So I guess that's a win. Not how I planned it, but sometimes you have to let it go.