Marshmallows and Commitment

My lip keeps getting kind of stuck to my glass. Like when you roast a marshmallow when you are camping and you aren't sure if you should commit to eating just a quarter of the s'more or eat them in kind of pieces or just put the whole thing in your mouth and just not give a fuck about the fact that you are going to be suffocating from over-committing to marshmallow,  or that the chocolate on your face looks like poo and the graham cracker is also kind of stuck to the whole mess that should all be in your mouth because not only are you bad at choosing what things to commit to but at this point its way to damn late. That's why people love s'mores. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about and everybody actually hates s'mores. But at this point I know its not my lip gloss getting stuck on the glass and I also know that people don't hate Leon, the Imperial S'mores Stout by Neshaminy Creek that I am sipping on at Bru in Center City Philly.

I'm a sucker for 'dark' beers, as you may already be aware, and even though I have had this one before I thought I should try it again. Its silky smooth on the tongue but has the bite of an over ten percenter. Its super dark in color which almost begs you to crave the malty-chocolatey-ness that would come with a s'more. Its boozy and not too sweet; I almost wish there was bit of roasted-ness to bring in the campfire aspect of s'mores. But I really think that might be overdoing it. Nice job fellas (nod and wink). 

Also, you do get the graham at the last end of the sip; let it come to room temperature and breathe a little as you take a sip. Its there. That's how you drink the Leon. 

So check 'em out if you have the opportunity. These guys have some great things going on!