Over the Edge6

Mondays usually suck. Usually because that's the day you get up to start your day way too early and somehow loose all of your bobby pins and its usually the day that your coffee mug holder in a borrowed car decides to break. This may lead to the general hatred of Mondays which I am fully supportive of. And that was kind of how yesterday went, so after I clocked out of work I was actually looking forward to walking straight home and waiting for Monday to just quit being lame already. After I had sufficiently closed the humidity swollen door shut and placed the turnkey in "keep the fuck out" position I had already heard the sounds of joviality coming from the kitchen. Much to my dumbfounded excitement I walked in to see that the beloved Ari had returned! 

I stood in the doorway to the kitchen and exclaimed "what are you doing here!" Probably sounded rude, in retrospect, but I don't think me standing there looking pretty shocked was any less rude. Finally after staring at everyone and standing awkwardly Ari and I embraced.

And that's when I saw it. No. Way.

My Landlord had just said "I must have been crazy to bring that up from the cellar" yesterday.

I quickly reverted back to my post-embrace incapacity, and commenced stating "is that what I think it is". It was, but I continued with my redundancy as the whole room stared at me, again. Finally Ari said "Yes, but its the cherry Christmas one". And I said: "that doesn't even exist"

"Google said that doesn't exist" was more precisely what I meant but obviously after a case of the Mondays and the shock of it all I wasn't thinking that sometimes Google is wrong. I think this is the second time that the all-knowing Internets had been flawed that I can recall. Now I cant tell you everything about this beer, but I think there were only 5 other bottles ever given out. We let it stand for about 25 minutes before all patience was lost and no one could even hold any small talk without hinting with their gaze that the flavors in Cherry Christmas were about to blow their minds. Which it did. 

Ari had also brought his own Scottish Ale. I told him the flavor palette correlates with the concept of a Rude Scotsman and that's what he should call the beer. You have to be feeling a bit surely to crave these flavors.

We ended up diluting it with a small splash of Perennial's Abraxis after letting it get drank down a bit. Abraxis added a nice warming chili to the back of the palette which was great considering the Scottish Ale provided a dry mid-palate and a strong boozy-ness. Ari described what a Scottish Also was: little hops, small sized roasted malts, high temperature mash to create a sweetness and slow brewed yeast. Meanwhile my Landlord texted Perennial head brewer Phil to ask him why he was getting mystery-notes of coconut in the Abraxis. Turns out the kegs for aging the chili-cacao nibs-cinnamon stick brewed ale is held in barrels from a previous coconut expedition. I was explaining to Ari how I just had a Rauchbier brewed with Polish hops and how weird it was and that somehow the only beer that I can recall ever having on Nitro was John Courage Russian Imperial Stout by Wells and Young during the second day of Beer Week--which was so immaculate I felt embarrassed. How could a beer taste so pure and innocent and robust and wise at the same time? Like it was proclaiming its own individuality and fairness. Truly a beverage christened by Bacchus. 

At the end of the night a short stroll, accompanied by cheese fries and the best compliments ever given out, was the perfect topper to this mystical beer happening. It was time to call it a night. Not an unmemorable Monday after-all.