Scotch and Options

Its been way too long since my last post, and for that I apologize. I have relocated back to the West Coast since snow and four seasons weather just are not for me. So I have left Philly and am back in the most beautiful city, Monterey. I can see the beach from my shower; not to mention the chef, baker and cook I now live with are making this decision so much easier (think endless supply of bacon and Mischief). I miss the craft beer scene in Philly, but, life calls.


First on the list of nerding out lately has been scotch. From Oban 14 to Lagavulin 16, I have been trying out some new flavors. A couple weeks ago I broke one of my roommates house items and paid him back with a crisp $100 bill. After I got back from San Francisco Beer Week, I was relaxing on the couch and he comes down the stairs and bellows "Oh, looks who's back". Followed by asking me if I want to see what he got with the crisp hundo I had left on his desk the other day. Obviously I said 'hell yeah'! He proceeds back up the stairs and returns with a bottle of the Balvenie Caribbean Cask which is, obviously, finished in Caribbean rum casks. 


So there began my day off. I don't necessarily condone scotch tastings in the morning, but considering  my pride in young Kyle Cobb's knowledge of finer liquors, not to mention the fact that he was offering me some disregarding the fact that the bottle was his own consolation prize for himself since I broke his artifact; I decided that declining to imbibe could be considered offensive. One cube please. 


As we laughed about the ridiculousness of our morning, waiting for the frozen cubes in our rocks glasses to release the rum cask genie, listening to the coffee pot brew our morning remedy and searching for a channel that we could agree on I knew that moving back to California could not have been a better decision and the timing was so impeccable its as if fate had ordained it . Sipping scotch with Mr. Cobb and enjoying the options brought about by a renewed sense of love for the Central Coast, a sense of adventurousness that I had been missing get ready for it!