Sintax Berries

Did you know that homebrewing is an option on LinkedIn under "Skills and Expertise"? Its kind of funny. I mean, "program management, event planning, SPSS, homebrewing...."LOL.

Anyways I was thinking about that since this past Sunday when my landlord and his buddy 'ol buddy 'ol pal Charles were homebrewing in the downstairs kitchen. Im pretty excited about see how its going to turn out. There were about 20 million pounds of blueberries in the freezer for like 3 days, which was confusing since I was thinking "who the fuck needs that many blueberries" and " "I wonder how many smoothies I can make with these bitches". When I came downstairs Sunday morning Charles was already defrosting the little blue spheroids and he started to tell me what they were going to do with them.

They had to be frozen and then defrosted in order to.....and then heated up on the stove and smashed up with one of those potato smashers and at a certain temperature and then something something and then cooled and added to the porter. You can see I was a bit distracted and had a hard time retaining information since a huge pot of blueberries was near boiling on the stove top and I was thinking about "why didn't we just make pies and why am I thinking about pie instead of beer". ( And now that Im thinking about it again why didn't we make a blueberry pie porter?!?!?)

At any rate I'm pretty excited to see how the blueberry porter turns out. Although its was a bit of a shock to think about porters. I mean, I'm still in full on summer mode and although I love porters and hot chocolate and being cozy and little snowflakes......I still want to walk around in cute dresses without the obligation of leggings, and I also love getting away with bathing suit tops instead of bras, and of course I love flats.  All of which will all be traded in for hats, mittens, scarves, and boots. But I digress.

At the distributor we are not selling pumpkin beers until September 1st. That way people will take the time to enjoy the fall seasonals and not get too wrapped up in the pumpkinfest. Speaking of fests, I cant wait for Brauhaus' Oktoberfest and Im pretty excited about Blocktoberfest. The later is a block party style beer fest and it supports local projects in the areas of education, green space and public safety. The South of South Street Neighborhood Association puts in on and this is their fourth year. Its a perfect convergence of my own nerd-dome: urban planning and beer. I wonder if Linked in has a skills section for people who have attended too many beer festivals and events....I guess Ill check it out while I sip this magnificent Arcadia Sky High Rye since Ill be saving the porters and stouts for next month.



Arcadia Sky High Rye