Sour Saturday

 So lets just talk a little bit about this weekend.

Sour Saturday. Shall we start there? Or should I tell you about the last beer I drank, a Coors Light at last call when I was realizing that failed trigonometry in high school was the reason I lost miserably at pool? How can I go about this. Lets start with Monday morning. I not sure how to go about talking about this wide range of beers I tackled, so lets just say that BeerPulse tells me that White Birch has just come out with a Cherry Quad (1). I almost jumped out of bed. Except I realized if I get out of bed I will have to make the decision to either make coffee of go down to the cafe, which both sound like big commitments right now.

I guess we can start with Varga Bar. Neshaminy Creek's Barleywine, "Concrete Pillow" was on tap and more than exciting. At 10.9% the post-shift beer to help me wind down while supplying an abundance of flavors: caramels, balanced spices and malts without the boozyness of lesser barleywines. Steve said "careful not to pull a me on that one" which I'm sure is a nice way of saying just have one if you don't want to break your face. I ended up taking a cab.

Next week is Beer Week in DC, so a shout-tout to all the breweries attending and I must say that although burnout from Beer Week is extremely high in Philadelphia and fills many with a sense of utter dread, I do kind of want to take a bus down to a few events and hop around DC beer snobbing it up. I'm pretty sure the Giants will be playing on August 15th and there is a 2 hour beer sampling in conjunction with  the game that is still selling tickets. That sounds pretty awesome. Phil from Perennial will be around, no doubt wowing the pants off beer drinkers with his specialties (2). Brats, ciders, kombuchas, amazing chefs, canned beer vs bottle beers, brewing classes, special releases, flights, happy hours, brunches, "Pints and Pies", "Joggers and Lagers", concerts, charity tastings, Advil and exhaustion. Im glad its another 40 something weeks until Philly Beer Week. Have fun DC, I will most certainly not be envious of the onslaught of craft beer nerds you are going to be confronted with this upcoming week.

I will probably be trying to figure out what the Reserve 17 in the fridge downstairs is and why my Landlord brought it up from the basement....he wouldn't tell me what it was when I asked. And It doesn't have a it this?  Considering my landlords personal relationship with Unibroue I would not be surprised. It feels like Christmas when there is a huge, very well wrapped present under the tree and Mom just yelled at me not to touch it until Christmas and that no its not mine, in the tone that just told me I might be able to enjoy whatever is behind that massive bow. But in the meantime I most certainly enjoyed the offerings of my more than generous landlord. And yes, Timothy Taylor Landlord is one of his favorite beers. The low ABV English Pale Ale is a common sight in both our fridge (upstairs) and the recycling bin. Simply session-able and crave-able and if you can get your hands on it you will want to both share it and devour it. 

In regards to mystery bottle in the fridge, my Landlord said "I must have been crazy to bring that up (from the basement)"; it was Greg's last day at the beer distributor and even though he is staying in town his 3 years at the place deserve a celebration. Plus he is going to be a teacher so lord knows these flavors better last on the back of his palette until tenure. Here's what bottles were on the table:

Michel Jodin: Cidre de glace mousseux 2009 (Qubec)

Unibroue: La Fringante 

Dock Street: Prince Myshkin

Cigar City: Hunahpu's Imperial Stout

I cant comment on the cider, I'm pretty sure I tried it a beer tasting a few months ago but I came too late for that bottle. And also the Prince Myshkin (GAAAA!). I had the Fringante which is a 10% triple-style golden ale, or what is stated on the bottle "biere blonde extra forte sur lie". Which basically means "these malts and hops and spices are about to blow your mind on Lees". I feel like I want to make "I <3 yeast" stickers and plaster them on everything and everyone after drinking this amazing creation. Then Cigar City had to go and make it impossible for me to enjoy anything else for the rest of the night. Lets just make a list of nouns about the beer and see what it looks like: stout, spices, brandy, cacao (dont say nibs to me like that CCB!), chiles, cinnamon, vanilla. Now lets do verbs: aged, barreled, added, bottled. Mind=blow. When I was sipping this beer and people were talking I was trying so hard to not be all like "What the hell!" But I'm pretty sure I had a moment where I uttered the phrase and everyone looked at me like: I know---give it two more sips. I'm pretty sure I didn't even put my glass back down on the table at any moment. I felt covetous of the sheer beauty of this 36-24-36 stout; how can you do this to me, don't ever leave me no...nooooo....noooooo. And then it was gone. Down the hatch. And I just sat there. There was nothing else left for me on Friday night. It was so over.