Doubles and Sours

Dude I'm so exhausted. Yesterday I worked a double which was grueling enough for the mind without being insulted by making not enough money to celebrate (I work at a bistro on the weekends). So, instead of getting up to go to brunch I ended up going OCD on my room and cleaning the heck out of it.  Now that Sunday is over, and I'm enjoying typing in my clean and cozy bedroom I get a chance to reflect on what this weekend brought to me.

Since I work. Every. Single. Day. I have to come up with ways of tricking myself into actually relaxing like its a weekend. For example, I had work Saturday night, so to help myself "feel the weekend" I took myself out on what I like to call a personal date. One of those things you do when you have been single for a long time or traveled a lot by yourself or like to do things other people don't or or don't make the time to do or all of the above, simultaneously.

Thats how I ended up at Devils Den on Saturday at 11:30 AM. The sun was shining in that warm mid-August way which makes you want to actually live forever. I took a seat at the bar and looked at the TV to make sure I could fake-watch while I enjoyed my alone time. The bartender gave me a beer menu. And I asked to see the brunch menu as well. I may have looked like I needed some hair of the dog or like a "sour-junkie", but he handed me the food menu with just a bit of reluctance. Avocado eggs benny; a pretty easy choice.

Since I had cheated and already knew they had the beer I wanted to try on tap I glanced nicely over the tap list and ordered my mimosa substitute. Evil Twin's blueberry sour Justin Blabaer. The low ABV, bubbly sour beer is a perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. Since its a sour Berliner Weisse its meant to be both sessionable and tart; Evil Twin did a great a job. Lightly tart all the way through  and staying within the finish; it was a perfect pairing with fried avocado on brioche toast with delicious hollandaise. And potatoes. I did have the whole day to make it through after all.

I would have stayed for more "sourfest" (a whole tower is dedicated to sours for the week) but I didn't feel like it would be a wise decision considering I needed to probably do something of importance some time that day. 

On my stroll home I mused about how come more bars don't offer sour beers as a substitute for the mimosa/bloody mary hangover fix. The 4.5% sour was enough to give a light kick without the need to over indulge. And we all know how a hangover can turn into debauchery when a lush hits the all you can drink Bloody Mary bar. So there's an idea for you.......maybe Ill go write the business plan right now....